Promotional Products
We offer promotional and specialty items from over 3000 suppliers and at up to 30% off the listed prices! With so many specialty products available, there is a huge opportunity for businesses and organizations to boost their ROI and leave a lasting impression.
Take a look at what we offer and contact your sales rep to find out how to get your savings today.
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Ad Press offers storage of large-volume orders for customers with limited space. We currently manage over 3,500 products for 95 clients. We offer a wide array of ordering processes, including a customized Web portal. When we combine this Web portal with our APEƆCS program, a dynamic fulfillment program is created. This system allows clients to build unique individual orders from a catalog of preprinted inventory and combine with products produced on demand. We offer everything from customized agent supply kits to variable data sales presentation material and much more.
... and Shipping
Ad Press maintains its own fleet of delivery vehicles to provide on-time delivery for all local and regional shipments. We can accommodate everything from single-carton deliveries to multiple skids of largervolume orders. We also work with UPS, FedEx, USPS, and a variety of commercial trucking companies to deliver our products nationwide. Our high volume of shipping allows us to pass along substantial discounts in shipping costs to our customers.